Penalty Points and How They Affect Your Insurance

There are various reasons for the endorsement of penalty points on licenses; some of these include drink driving, speeding, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance (just to name a few). When you commit a motoring offence and are given penalty points, these points will stay on your license for anywhere between 4 and 11 […]

Factors that Affect your Car Insurance

In Northern Ireland, car insurance is generally much higher than the rest of the UK, this is due to a number of factors, taking into account that there are a higher percentage of younger drivers here than overseas. Just like the rest of the UK (and world), insurance is often more expensive for younger drivers. […]

Why Insurance in Northern Ireland is Different

Insurance across the UK is generally the same for cars of all types but there are some differences in policies in Northern Ireland. One of the biggest differences is the price – car insurance is around 11% more expensive than in other parts of the UK. So why is the market a little different in […]

Top Ways To Keep Your Car Insurance Premium Down

If you are coming due for renewal any time in the next few months, there is no doubt that you are going to notice an increase in your car insurance premium. According to figures from prices have risen by around £100 per policy on this time last year and this means that any tips on getting […]

How Points On Your License Affect Your Car Insurance

Car insurance is a very complicated thing, a serious of calculations that use a range of different details about an individual, their car and their lifestyle to work out a unique premium for their policy. One of the major things that can have an impact on your car insurance is having points on your license. […]

5 Car Insurance Myths Busted

You’ve probably heard your fair share of car insurance myths. Some of them are pretty believable and they can leave you feeling confused or even lead you to choose the wrong policy or to drive without appropriate cover. With that in mind we have busted 5 of the most common car insurance myths. 1. You’re […]

Why The Details Matter With Car Insurance

How many of us have filled in our car insurance quotes and just guessed at the answers? Not sure about the right use or can’t find the right occupation, not certain about our annual mileage – we’ve all done it. But the details of car insurance really do matter and if they are incorrect they […]