What Insurance Do You Need to Become a Courier?

Jobs classed as being a courier are on the rise in recent years with everyone from Amazon to local takeaways using couriers to deliver their goods quickly and efficiently. But many people start as a courier and run into trouble because they don’t have the right insurance in place. Here we look at what kind […]

Haulage Insurance Explained

Insurance can be a confusing area for anyone who doesn’t deal with it regularly and haulage insurance possibly more so. What it covers and, just as importantly, what it doesn’t cover is something that every haulage business owner needs to know. So here we look at the basics of cover and the extras you may […]

How Goods In Transit Insurance Can Work For You

Whether you are running a business as a sole trader or have a fleet of vehicles in your haulage business, one rule is constant – you need to have the right insurance. Understanding the finer points of insurance is often best left to experts but it never hurts to have a basic working knowledge of […]

When Would Your Business Need Haulage Insurance?

One of the big parts of any business is ensuring you have the right insurance in place. We all hate paying it and hope we never need it but having the right policy in place could be massive if you ever do. Haulage insurance is one area that can be a little confusing – when […]

What Insurance Do You Need As A Courier?

The huge increase in the amount of online shopping across the UK in recent years means that couriers are in more demand than ever before to deliver our packages. Just ask any courier how their December was and you will get an idea of how in demand and busy couriers are due to our love of e-commerce. […]