Why You Need Travel Insurance To Go To The USA

When you travel within the UK, you often don’t need travel insurance. When you travel abroad however, travel insurance is something you should always consider and when the trip is to the USA, it is virtually an essential part of the trip. But why and what does it cover? Basics Of Travel Insurance Travel insurance […]

Why Contents Insurance Doesn’t Need to Be a Big Bill

A shocking new report from the Financial Inclusion Commission (FIC) has shown that 16 million people around the UK don’t have content insurance in their homes.  This means 35% of homes could risk losing everything if there was a fire, flood or a burglary.  Lower earning households are the most likely to leave content cover […]

Should You Buy Insurance in Case of a Cyber Attack?

Hardly a day goes by where the news isn’t reporting the latest cyber attack, releasing stories that some hacker has stolen from a government somewhere or the woes of someone losing hundreds of pounds to a scam.  One of the newest areas of the insurance market is known as cyber insurance – insuring yourself against […]

How to Insure an Unoccupied or Empty Property

There are lots of situations where a home could be unoccupied for a period of time.  It could be a pending sale and you have already moved into your new home.  Or it could be a property where someone has died and it is tied up in probate with no-one able to live in it.  Whatever […]

Why Insurance in Northern Ireland is Different

Insurance across the UK is generally the same for cars of all types but there are some differences in policies in Northern Ireland. One of the biggest differences is the price – car insurance is around 11% more expensive than in other parts of the UK. So why is the market a little different in […]

Does Your Business Need More Insurance?

There’s no doubt that in business (and in personal life), insurance is something we love to hate purchasing. It always seems that there are more things that need insuring and more money to spend on policies. When you are in business, there are several types of insurance that are very important and others that should […]

8 Tips to Keeping Your Haulage Insurance Costs Down

Insurance is one of those things that we love to hate – we know we need it and it is crucial if there is an accident but we will complain about paying it. Getting as low a price as possible is something we all strive for and when the type of policy is haulage insurance, […]

What Insurance Do You Need to Become a Courier?

Jobs classed as being a courier are on the rise in recent years with everyone from Amazon to local takeaways using couriers to deliver their goods quickly and efficiently. But many people start as a courier and run into trouble because they don’t have the right insurance in place. Here we look at what kind […]

Top Ways To Keep Your Car Insurance Premium Down

If you are coming due for renewal any time in the next few months, there is no doubt that you are going to notice an increase in your car insurance premium. According to figures from Confused.com prices have risen by around £100 per policy on this time last year and this means that any tips on getting […]

What Types of Business Insurance Do Start Ups Need?

There can be a lot happening when you first start your own business, whether as a sole trader or as a company. It can be easy to think that insurance is something you only need when you grow but depending on what you do, there are some types of business insurance that are required from […]