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Does Your Business Need More Insurance?

There’s no doubt that in business (and in personal life), insurance is something we love to hate purchasing. It always seems that there are more things that need insuring and more money to spend on policies. When you are in business, there are several types of insurance that are very important and others that should […]

8 Tips to Keeping Your Haulage Insurance Costs Down

Insurance is one of those things that we love to hate – we know we need it and it is crucial if there is an accident but we will complain about paying it. Getting as low a price as possible is something we all strive for and when the type of policy is haulage insurance, […]

What Insurance Do You Need to Become a Courier?

Jobs classed as being a courier are on the rise in recent years with everyone from Amazon to local takeaways using couriers to deliver their goods quickly and efficiently. But many people start as a courier and run into trouble because they don’t have the right insurance in place. Here we look at what kind […]

Top Ways To Keep Your Car Insurance Premium Down

If you are coming due for renewal any time in the next few months, there is no doubt that you are going to notice an increase in your car insurance premium. According to figures from prices have risen by around £100 per policy on this time last year and this means that any tips on getting […]

What Types of Business Insurance Do Start Ups Need?

There can be a lot happening when you first start your own business, whether as a sole trader or as a company. It can be easy to think that insurance is something you only need when you grow but depending on what you do, there are some types of business insurance that are required from […]

Haulage Insurance Explained

Insurance can be a confusing area for anyone who doesn’t deal with it regularly and haulage insurance possibly more so. What it covers and, just as importantly, what it doesn’t cover is something that every haulage business owner needs to know. So here we look at the basics of cover and the extras you may […]

What is IPT and How Does It Affect Your Insurance?

Insurance is quite a complicated thing, made up from a series of rating factors that are determined by our individual details – things like age, type of car, points on our licenses. But one thing that is a constant on all policies is called IPT or insurance premium tax. There have been some headlines about […]

How Points On Your License Affect Your Car Insurance

Car insurance is a very complicated thing, a serious of calculations that use a range of different details about an individual, their car and their lifestyle to work out a unique premium for their policy. One of the major things that can have an impact on your car insurance is having points on your license. […]

5 Types Of Insurance Every Business Needs

If you are thinking about starting up a new business then you will have a million and one things to consider. One thing that should be near the top of your list of priorities is making sure that you have the right insurance in place to cover you and your employees for any eventuality because […]

5 Car Insurance Myths Busted

You’ve probably heard your fair share of car insurance myths. Some of them are pretty believable and they can leave you feeling confused or even lead you to choose the wrong policy or to drive without appropriate cover. With that in mind we have busted 5 of the most common car insurance myths. 1. You’re […]