Haulage Insurance Explained

A haulage driver is classified as someone who transports heavy goods long distances for payment. Haulage Insurance is aimed towards those with larger vehicles such as lorries. These vehicles are typically carrying large loads to a single destination. The cover for haulage insurance is the same for other types of insurance, which is: Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Third Party Only.

Third Party Only is the legal minimum amount of cover you can opt for. This cover will not give you any protection for yourself but will simply cover any damage you cause to third party vehicles or property.

Third Party Fire and Theft will cover any damage from vandalism, fire and theft, as well as any damage you may cause to a third party vehicle or property.

Comprehensive cover will give you full protection for your vehicle as well as any third party vehicle or property.

While it is possible to take out as many haulage policies as needed, it is often a better (and cheaper) idea to take out fleet insurance for 3 or more vehicles. This should reduce your price, and it will also make management of your insurance easier as there will only be one renewal date for all vehicles.

If you take your fleet outside of the UK, you may want to consider Continental Lorry Insurance to ensure you have all the protection you need for going abroad.

BMG Insurance specialise in Haulage insurance, both heavy and light cover, and our team of dedicated experts are sure to get you the best deal, whether you have 1 vehicle or a whole fleet. Our cover takes into account every eventuality, as we know if anything happens to your vehicle it is costing you time and money by being off the road.

That’s why our insurance covers:

  • Lorry Insurance
  • Public/Employers Liability
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Hazardous Insurance
  • Goods in Transit Insurance
  • Trailers Insurance
  • Property and Warehouse Insurance
  • UK / Ireland / Europe




Just like any other type of insurance, there are ways to keep your prices down. Just as if you were insuring a car, having a clean license will allow you the best policy. So where possible, try to only add drivers to your policy that have clean licenses. Younger drivers will also drive up your prices due to their lack of experience.

It’s also best to choose vehicles that are known to be reliable, this means the likelihood of them breaking down and needing repairs is minimal, and the parts needed for repairs are often easy to source. Your parking location will also play a part in your haulage insurance costs: it will be cheaper (and safer) if you are parking in an off road, secure location or indoors – rather than street parking.

If you have any further enquires on haulage insurance, what it involves, or what policy is best for your company, call into your local BMG Branch, or give us a call on 028 3833 4791.