Top Ways To Keep Your Car Insurance Premium Down

If you are coming due for renewal any time in the next few months, there is no doubt that you are going to notice an increase in your car insurance premium. According to figures from prices have risen by around £100 per policy on this time last year and this means that any tips on getting the best price are going to be more important than ever.

Don’t Forget To Shop Around

It’s easy to think that because insurance has gone up in general, that there’s no point in shopping around but this isn’t the case. Not every policy will have increased by this figure – some will be more and some will be less. This means that shopping around is just as important as ever and can definitely save you money.

Check The Policy Specifics

The little things make all the difference with insurance with voluntary excess being a perfect example. If you currently have £100 voluntary and £100 compulsory, you will pay £200 in the event of any accident. Could you increase that by another £50-100 to make a saving? Don’t do it if paying the excess would be a problem but consider it if you could.

Make sure you have protected no claims bonus if you are eligible. It is certainly a situation where paying a little more can save you money if you have a claim. It doesn’t protect your price, which can still rise if you have a claim but not by as much as the policy would if you lose some of your no claim discounts.

Look At Your Details

While you should never change your details just to get a cheaper premium, you should carry out an assessment of your details each renewal date to see if anything might save you money. Annual mileage is a classic example – how many miles did you say you did last year? Did you actually do this many or could you lower it?

Also, think about who is on your policy. While a spouse will often lower the price, any other drivers will increase it. And if they almost never use the car, then this might be a way to save money by taking them off.


Telematics or black boxes are ways to monitor your driving and can reduce your premiums. While they tend to be more for younger drivers, we are happy to offer a discount once you prove you are a safe driver. So it might be worth having a box fitted that will reduce your premiums based on positive results from it.