5 Car Insurance Myths Busted

You’ve probably heard your fair share of car insurance myths. Some of them are pretty believable and they can leave you feeling confused or even lead you to choose the wrong policy or to drive without appropriate cover. With that in mind we have busted 5 of the most common car insurance myths.

1. You’re covered as a third party to drive any other car if you have a fully comprehensive policy

This is not necessarily true, some policies do allow this however there are a lot of fully comprehensive policies that will not cover you to drive another vehicle. You should ensure that you review your policy carefully before taking the wheel of any other vehicle. For more information on third party and fully comprehensive cover get in touch with our team.

2. Having a speeding ticket will make your premium rise 

If you have a previously clean driving license then a 3 point penalty may not lead to a rise in your premium cost. More often it is the speed that you were actually doing that can be the deciding factor in whether your premium will go up. If you were exceeding the speed limit by 5mph then you may not see any impact on your premium however if you were exceeding the speed limit by 20mph then you are likely to see a rise. The recklessness of the event that you are being punished directly correlates with any rise in premium along with your history of previous offences.

 3. There is no limit to how much you can claim if your car is broken into

Many people wrongly assume that they are covered for any expensive items they may have left in their car when it was broken into.  This often isn’t the case and it’s always best not to leave expensive items in plain sight. There will usually be an upper limit applied of what you can claim in the event of a break in to your car so it makes sense to take anything of value out of the car with you when you leave.

4. The cheaper the better

Price is always going to be a big factor when choosing your car insurance package however it shouldn’t be your only consideration. Getting the right policy that meets your specific requirements is just as important as affordability. After all you need to be covered for any eventuality otherwise you could find yourself out of pocket a lot more than if you had just gone for a more suitable policy in the first place.

Be careful when researching the best policy for as many insurers will remove certain aspects of their cover to enable them to offer lower premiums however this may leave you at high risk of not getting a pay out. For more information give us a call to discuss.

3. My personal car insurance will cover my business use too

A lot of self-employed people wrongly assume that the car insurance cover they have for their personal use will automatically cover them for their business use as well. This isn’t always the case, you may find that you need commercial car insurance on top of your standard policy. If you have employees that use your car for business purposes then it’s important that they have clean driving records as this can also impact on your premium and coverage.

When it comes to insurance in general and especially car insurance it can be a minefield of myths but fear not because our team of insurance specialists are here to bust them and set you in the right direction.