Fleet Insurance Explained

What Is Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is an easy way to insure multiple vehicles under one policy and is typically used by haulage companies with several delivery drivers who are on the road on a daily basis. However, fleet insurance is available for all types of vehicles from cars and vans right through to lorries and buses.

How Many Types Of Fleet Insurance Are There?

Unlike a lot of other areas of insurance, fleet insurance is actually pretty straightforward and the same rules and conditions apply whether you want to cover 4 cars for a local taxi business or you want to cover 100 lorries for your haulage company. Similarly to standard vehicle insurance fleet insurance is available in 3 main levels which includes Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive.

Advantages Over Regular Vehicle Insurance

Fleet insurance will typically be more cost effective than taking out individual vehicle insurance policies and as well as saving you money it also simplifies the whole process. Fleet insurance has the added advantage of keeping everything in the one place and with the same point of contact which can be invaluable when making claims which can add up over the years with lots of drivers on the road. One piece of documentation and a single renewal date are also very attractive reasons to choose fleet insurance over standard vehicle insurance.

Does It Apply To You?

If your business uses more than one vehicle then fleet insurance is more than likely the best option for you. If your business involves hiring our vehicles either publicly or privately you may think that fleet insurance doesn’t apply to you but this is not the case. You can find the right fleet insurance package to suit all of your needs and requirements. Similarly if your businesses uses several different types of vehicle you may feel that it doesn’t apply to you but again this is not the case as you can include a variety of vehicles all under the same policy. Fleet insurance can also be applied to private individuals who own more than one vehicle so you can be insured for a range of vehicles all under a single policy.

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