What Insurance Do You Need As A Courier?

The huge increase in the amount of online shopping across the UK in recent years means that couriers are in more demand than ever before to deliver our packages. Just ask any courier how their December was and you will get an idea of how in demand and busy couriers are due to our love of e-commerce. It’s not all roses for couriers though,  getting the right type of insurance for example can be a tricky business.

Let’s find out exactly what kind of insurance you need to have as a professional courier.

Vehicle Insurance

First of all you will need insurance for your vehicle which for most couriers will be a van. Your van is your most important tool to allow you to do your job and so it’s important that you get the best insurance deal for you and that doesn’t always mean the cheapest. Always ensure that you are getting important extras that will keep you on the road such as breakdown cover, replacement vehicle cover and glass cover. It’s a good idea to take a look at any restrictions or exemptions that you may incur when you take out vehicle insurance for the purpose of haulage as you may find restrictions on what goods you can carry, where you can drive and what age you need to be.

Light Haulage Insurance

Most couriers specialise in making a certain number of pre-arranged deliveries each day. This qualifies as light haulage and there is a dedicated form of insurance to cover this. When looking for light haulage insurance you will need to take a few things into consideration. The type of vehicle you are driving, the distance you will be covering and the amount of deliveries you will be making each day are all factors that need to be disclosed. This is important so the insurance company can determine whether you are a courier or haulier. These jobs seem to be pretty similar but it’s generally accepted that a courier drops off several deliveries within a set location whereas a haulier will drive long distances to deliver a single or small number of loads. It’s important that you establish which role best suits you as the validity of any insurance claim will rely on it.

Goods In Transit Insurance

Goods in transit insurance is essential for covering the contents of your van each day. If the goods you are delivering where to get damaged during your journey then you will want to have them insured. Once again there are circumstances to take into consideration as there certain goods that aren’t covered in this type of insurance such as livestock and jewellery. So if these items make up the majority of your goods then you might want to look at other forms of insurance. If most of your items fall into the accepted goods category then goods in transit insurance is essential. The best way to still be able to carry goods that you don’t have GIT insurance for is to request that the customer attain their own cover for the goods or alternatively you may be able to get extra one-off cover for an item.

If you want to find out more about your courier insurance options then get in touch with one of our helpful team today and we will talk you through your options.